How Analytics Can Guide Your Patent Strategy 

Patent Managers have three purposes for every patent in their portfolios: 

  • Patents protect your products, roadmap and potential roadmap from copying by competitors
  • Patents establish a defensive position to ensure a freedom to operate
  • Patents  are directly monetized to provide income for the company

With this in mind, your company doesn’t operate in a vacuum, but rather as a part of a global ecosystem of suppliers, customers, competitors, and companies in seemingly unrelated businesses, many with their own proprietary patented technology.

In this 45-minute recorded presentation, Matt Troyer, Acclaim co-founder, will demonstrate AcclaimIP, and how to use it to support patentability, FTO, technology monitoring, and monetization. Matt will further demonstrate some new analytic capabilities introduced in ANAQUA v8.6 as a result of the AcclaimIP acquisition.